10 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations to Fill Your Home with Holiday Cheer

10 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations to Fill Your Home with Holiday Cheer

Festive up your home — both indoors and out — with our definitive list of easy-to-create Christmas decorations and holiday crafts.

1. DIY Candy Cane Door Decor

Create your own candyland welcome with these wreath and swag ideas.

Make wreath at left: Arrange candy canes in a circle with the hooks all facing the same direction. Affix together with hot-glue (don’t worry if the ends don’t line up, as they will be covered). Top center with round peppermint candies, overlapping them slightly and holding in place with hot-glue. Thread ribbon through two candy canes at top to hang.

Make wreath at top right: Wrap a 12-inch foam wreath form in white ribbon. Attach candy cane sticks, small candy canes, and peppermint balls with hot-glue to conceal the form. Loop a ribbon around top of wreath to hang.

Make swag: Attach extra-large ($9 for 3;amazon.com) and regular-size candy canes together, staggering the heights and direction the hooks face, with hot-glue. Tie a bow around the stem, and insert greenery.

2. DIY Christmas Tree For Kids

This is a perfect Christmas craft for kids and help kids to be more creative. You can hang it on the wall and let children re-arrange ornaments all they want.

This DIY Christmas tree for kids is made from eco-friendly material. As well, this DIY felt Christmas tree can keep your kids busy but also cheerful during the holiday. It’s suitable for children over 18 months, and under 18 months be accompanied by an adult will be better.

Shop DIY Christmas Tree Here

3. DIY Candy Cane Trees and Vase

Make the vase: Attach candy canes to a glass vase with hot-glue. Tie a ribbon around the center; fill with flowers.

Make the trees: Bake 3 candy cane sticks on a parchment paper–lined baking sheet at 225°F until just pliable, 3 to 6 minutes. Starting from bottom, quickly wrap candy around a cone-shaped Styrofoam form, trimming as needed and repeating until covered. Hot-glue red hots to starlight mints; attach to trees. To make a star-shaped mint topper, line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Grease parchment and insides of cookie cutters. Set cutters on baking sheet; fill with a single layer of mints in bottom, breaking to fill any gaps. Bake at 350°F just until melted, 5 to 6 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes; remove cutters. Hot-glue star to top of tree.

4. Holiday Salt Shakers

An intriguing way to shake up your table setting, these delightful little vignettes are created using dollar store toys and trees nestled atop snowdrifts of pure driven table salt.

Of course, these little designs aren’t meant to last so you may need to reset them after use if you’re planning on having more than one Christmas dinner.

And for sanity (I mean sanitary) sake, wash the toys thoroughly before adding them to something edible.

5. Garland Card Holder

This is a great way to display all of the Christmas cards you get. Cut three pieces of garland to desired length (we used a longer one in the center). Wrap the top of each garland around a wooden hanger, securing with hot glue and let it dry. Hang it up on the wall and use clothespins to secure the cards.

What You’ll Need: Garland ($18, Amazon)

6. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Gather up some Christmas-themed ornaments to make a few DIY’d ornaments. Trace the cookie cutters onto patterned paper and cut them out. Place a small line of glue around the edge of the cookie cutter and place cut paper on top, lining up all of the edges, and let it dry. Attach a small loop of cord to the back of the ornament, let dry, and hang.

What You’ll Need: Patterned paper ($12, Amazon)

7. DIY Citrus Garland

You’ll need navel and blood oranges, parchment paper, two cookie sheets, jute or natural twine, a skewer or nail, and decorative hooks.

  1. Preheat oven to 250°F.
  2. Cut oranges crosswise into 1/4-inch slices (four oranges make a six-foot garland).
  3. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Pat orange slices dry with paper towels, and place them on cookie sheets in a single layer.
  4. Bake for approximately 3 hours or until dry. (To ensure the slices dry flat, turn them over at the midway mark.) Remove from oven.
  5. Using a skewer or nail, poke two holes into the top of each orange slice.
  6. Thread twine through each hole, evenly spacing the oranges on the garland. Tie off each end with a loop, and hang from hooks.

8. Mason Jar Lid Tree

If you’ve got 15 mason jar lids laying around, this craft will be pretty easy to make.

  1. Take two jar lids and attach them together by wrapping wire around the middle where they touch.
  2. Cut the wire and tuck it under itself so it doesn’t snag on anything.
  3. Attach one lid on top of the two that are already connected with two pieces of wire wrapping around the bottom two edges of the single lid.
  4. Repeat steps above with a row of three below the row of two and then a row of four below the row of three, and lastly a row of five below the row of four.
  5. Wrap wire between each lid in the rows and, where needed, on the tops and bottoms of the lids.
  6. String a decorative ribbon around the ornament top and tie it around the lid so it hangs in the middle.
  7. Repeat on all the lids. Tie a bow with the ribbon on the top of the lid “tree.”

9. Ornament Frame Craft

  1. Upcycle an old frame into a pretty display for some ornaments.
  2. Remove the glass and backing from the frame and clean thoroughly.
  3. Spray paint the frame green with even coats and let dry.
  4. Then cut three pieces of ribbon or cord, double the length you want your ornaments to hang.
  5. Thread ornaments onto the ribbon and then attach the ends to the top back of the frame with hot glue, trimming any excess.
  6. To finish it off, attach a bow to the front of the frame with hot glue.

10. Upgrade a Plain Glass Ornament

These empty orbs offer an affordable catalyst for creativity. Fill one with small wooden chips, another with a single stunning peacock feather (attached to the ornament’s top with hot glue). Or compose a more obvious Christmas scene by dropping a model fir tree into a globe dusted with artificial snow. You can also use tweezers to position branches inside and even hot-glue a tiny cardinal in place.

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